Improve NHS Patient Outcomes

NHS Trusts pay only £9.49 per clinician per month (+VAT) for unlimited patients.
This is a 30% discount on our normal price.

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Enhance patient engagement and reduce miscommunication

Physitrack is designed to be user-friendly. Patients can set notifications to do their exercises at a time that is convenient for them or as prescribed.

Improve outcomes and accelerate patient journey

Physitrack can save you time and resources. It can be used to reduce the number of required contacts, allow self- and remote management,  and support discharge.

Increase patient satisfaction and motivation

Physitrack is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and accessible anywhere. You can also embed and customise the patient facing app to reflect your NHS Trust’s logo to contribute to brand association.

Scientifically proven

Physitrack has featured in several peer reviewed journals and is scientifically proven to increase home exercise adherence and patient confidence.

Home Exercise Prescription

Our exercises are authored and overseen by practicing clinicians. You can also upload your own exercises into our library.

We have a comprehensive series of exercise for specialities including; Musculoskeletal, Aquatic therapy, Neurology, Respiratory, Paediatrics, Senior Health, Return to Sport, Orthopaedics, Amputees and more.

We have exercises to support each stage of patient management and rehabilitation for all levels.

Physitrack web application

Real-time Healthcare Analytics

Each NHS Trust's self-allocated lead clinician is able to assign licences to their selected clinicians using our Physitrack Direct platform. Here they can track each individual clinician’s usage of Physitrack and monitor outcomes.

This feature can be used to conduct audits and build your own clinical case studies to help to support and prove service impact and digital culture.

Optionally, we offer PhysiData to view progress and outcomes of your patients. You can customise how you view, manage, and use this data to suit your service.

Healthcare analytics on different devices

Assign Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Assign recognised and evidence based Patient Reported Outcome Measures from our library straight into your patient’s Physitrack program.

Results can be monitored and tracked in real time, and provide a useful tool to aid patient engagement and assessment.

Prescribe for patients to complete at set intervals in order to track progress. This will appear seamlessly on the patient facing app and can be conveniently completed.

Construct your own PROMS using our intuitive technology.

Outcome measures on different devices

Compliant & Secure

Physitrack is a web-based platform and therefore no data is stored on your work computer. Physitrack’s data servers are UK-based to comply with NHS Trust regulations. Physitrack only requires the patient’s name and year of birth to set up a program.

We meet all NHS required data protection standards including DTAC and the Data Security and Protection Toolkit, and are fully compliant with GDPR in regards to the Data Protection Act 2018.

We have a dedicated team who can help to support you with the completion of documentation in relation to information security.

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Exercise prescription & Education

  • 15,000+ fully narrated, reviewed exercise videos
  • Educational videos and PDFs
  • Outcome measures
  • Upload your own exercise videos
  • Create your own templates

Telehealth & messaging

  • Secure & encrypted video calling
  • Works on web, iOS and Android
  • Stream exercises during a video call
  • Screen sharing

Outcomes analysis

  • Automated outcomes data collection in tandem with the engagement process
  • Timed release of surveys and outcome measures
  • Data gathering in your own data repository
  • Simple and intuitive analysis and benchmarking tools
  • Easy export to third-party systems and regulatory bodies

Patient onboarding and triage

  • Extend your clinical pathways
  • Your own branded apps
  • Pre-appointment intake
  • Modular to suit your needs
  • Integrates with your practice management system

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Reference clients

Physitrack is used by 100,000+ healthcare professionals in 102 countries, including physical therapists, MDs, surgical specialists, exercise physiologists and chiropractors in public and private healthcare.

Physitrack has been a key part of Apple’s Mobility Partner Program since 2015.

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Part of 2016 NHSx Accelerator Programme

Physitrack was part of the NHSx accelerator program and in the first cohort of the NHS's Digital Health London program in 2016.

Physitrack features in the NHSx MSK digital playbook and has a wealth of anecdotal example of how Physitrack supports the other key priorities, including; self-management; supporting patient discharge; and  supporting patient initiated follow up after discharge.

Physitrack is in use by 50+ NHS Trusts across the UK, including:
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
West Lancashire
University Hospital Bristol
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Aintree University Hospital
St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals
Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals
Guy's and St Thomas'
The Dudley Group
St George's University Hospitals
Salford Royal
Central London Community Healthcare
Southport and Ormskirk Hospital

Dedicated NHS team based in the UK

Physitrack PLC is a UK company and has a dedicated NHS team to help to support you throughout your journey with Physitrack from initial contact to taking feedback and helping you problem solve any barriers you may face.
Rosalind Heys-Limonard

Rosalind Heys-Limonard (BSc) Hons Physiotherapy MCSP MHCPC

Rosalind graduated from Kings College London as a physiotherapist and has worked extensively within the MSK and orthopaedic sectors, including three years at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. Roz leads our ongoing exercise library expansion and helps translate clinician needs into new app functionalities.

Tom Gray

Tom Gray (BSc) Hons Physiotherapy MCSP MHCPC

Tom is the main point of call for all new NHS customers. Tom is a practicing physiotherapist and expert contributor to the Physitrack library. Tom is also a University lecturer where he incorporates the Physitrack library into his teaching. Tom has many years of experience of working in the NHS as a physiotherapist

Meet the rest of the team

A Sustainable Resource

A business model that aligns well with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are 17 goals adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Physitrack actively contributes to five of the goals.
Good Health and Well-being UN Sustainable Development Goal

Enabling more effective care is at the heart of Physitrack's business model and the company actively contributes to good health and well-being.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure UN Sustainable Development Goal

Both the SaaS offering, and the Virtual care offering are innovations in the healthcare digitalisation trend. Considering the remote aspect of the offering, Physitrack contributes to reaching Target 9.C "Universal access to information and communications technology".

Sustainable cities and communities UN Sustainable Development Goal

Physitrack contributes towards Target 11.6: "Reduce the environmental impact of cities". Remote care enables for less travel to and from densely populated areas. Furthermore, enabling for home exercises reduces the need for additional clinical office space.

Responsible consumption and production UN Sustainable Development Goal

Through remote care, Physitrack contributes to the reduced need for office space, clinical equipment and administrative materials.

Climate Action UN Sustainable Development Goal

Healthcare is a significant contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions with the healthcare sector in the largest economies making up 4 percent of global emissions.[7] Physitrack enables for less travel through remote care, which contributes to reduced emissions. Furthermore, the company's solution can be used to offer care in regions affected by climate change. A tangible example of this is the use of the Physitrack SaaS offering in Haiti described below.

These goals also align with the ‘Greener NHS’ campaign. Physitrack enables for less travel through remote care, which contributes to reduced emissions. Digital prescription to replace costly paper handouts can also help the NHS to take a step in the right direction.

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