Exercise Prescription is video-based.

Boost patient engagement with crystal-clear, fully narrated exercise videos.

3,500+ clinical exercise videos
170+ exercise program templates
Upload your own exercise videos
Create and save your own exercise programs
Integrated with many practice management systems

Free PhysiApp patient app.

Because life is expensive enough.

Free PhysiApp patient app
Available for iOS, Android and web
Engage patients like never before

Outcomes Analysis is real-time.

Deliver better, patient-centric care through real-time insight.

Real-time outcome tracking
Built-in outcome measures
Built-in notifications
Great for compensable claims

Seamlessly integrated Telehealth and messaging.

Secure video consultations and customer chat, fully integrated.

Secure video consultations
Call recording
 with a single click
Live exercise demonstrations
Secure real-time messaging

Patient Education.

Educational content to help patients better manage their conditions.

Educational video’s & PDF’s
upload your own educational content
offer patients complete care