The technology you need to make a difference.

  • Add your own exercises, education and programs.
  • Engage with your clients via Telehealth or chat.
  • Assign over 15.000+ exercises via app, web or paper
  • Choose between 200+ templates.
  • Track adherence and progress.
  • Share with colleagues.
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Exercise prescription & education

  • Search for exercises by condition, objective, difficulty and more
  • Integrations with leading practice management systems
  • Outcome measures with instant or timed release
  • Educational videos & PDFs with timed release
  • Print exercise programs including patient tracking sheets
  • Free app for your clients. Available in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish


  • Record new exercises directly from the Physitrack iOS app or upload your existing videos and photos.
  • Upload your logo to increase brand awareness.
  • Set your own default exercise parameters, titles and instructions.
  • Create your own exercise templates to save hours each month.
  • Mark exercises as favourites for quick re-assigning.
  • Add your own educational videos and PDFs.

Telehealth & Messaging

  • Secure and encrypted video calling.
  • Stream exercises and educational videos during a video call.
  • Built into Physitrack and PhysiApp. Nothing to install.
  • Detailed log of Telehealth call durations per patient for billing purposes.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Presence detection. See when your patients are online.

Outcome analysis

  • Track patient outcomes in real-time with outcome measures and tools for your analysis.
  • Plan timed release of surveys and outcome measures.
  • Easy export to third party systems and regulatory bodies.
  • Automated outcomes data collection in tandem with the engagement process.
  • Let patients complete multiple outcome measures at once
  • Receive notifications when patients experience high pain levels.

Client onboarding

  • Client-facing apps tailored to your needs, developed and maintained by Physitrack.
  • Communicate with groups of clients or individually via notifications and messaging.
  • Empower your clients to take action for prevention and recovery.
  • Automatically update engaging content for prevention and recovery.
  • Onboard workers and clients for video calling, exercise prescription and hands-on engagement.


  • Share clients, exercises, templates, outcome measures and educational content inside your team.
  • Decide which practitioner receives notifications for which client.
  • Transfer clients from one practitioner to another.
  • Easily manage practitioner settings for multiple practitioners at once from our PT Direct backoffice.
  • Compare client outcomes among your practitioners.
  • View and edit shared client programs.
  • Registered with the ICO. Compliant with GDPR.
  • Compliant with HIPAA standards.
  • You retain ownership of all your data.
  • All traffic to and from Physitrack is encrypted.
  • Frequent vulnerability scans to ensure Physitrack's security.
  • All Physitrack data is backed up frequently, encrypted, and stored for several years.
  • Access logs (timestamp and IP address) when a practitioner count has been accessed.

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