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Say hello to secure video calling, messaging and monitoring. Share exercise programs and education with seamlessly with your patients. With Physitrack Telehealth, we will help you make physiotherapy accessible everywhere.
Physitrack Telehealth can improve access and information sharing, and be very empowering via several features. Physitrack Telehealth includes secure video calls with streaming exercise videos and goniometry, messaging and activity, and symptom logging allowing progress and symptom monitoring.
Privacy and security is important to us and with Physitrack Telehealth you can have secure, encrypted video calling with your client. We are proud to use the Dolby® platform to provide high-quality sound and vision. Millions of minutes of calls are made on our platform each week.

What is included in Physitrack Telehealth?


  • Easy-to-use video calling
  • Streaming of exercises on screen during Telehealth session
  • Two-way communication via secure messaging
  • Symptom and activity logging and monitoring


  • Keep your patient close via video consultations and secure messaging
  • Share exercise programs and educational information to patients via PhysiApp
  • Follow clients’ progress and activity to keep them on track


  • Promote motivation by exercise and symptom logging and self-monitoring
  • Use PhysiApp to fill in surveys and outcome measure questionnaires shared by your therapist
  • Use PhysiApp to access exercise videos, information, and education shared by your therapist
  • Use chat and video calls to keep in touch with your therapist where ever you are

Telehealth is an excellent way to offer clients the care they need and in a way that works with their lifestyle rather than against it.

Did you know that we have Telehealth Basic and Telehealth Pro? Learn more about the differences here.

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Physitrack is used by 100,000+ healthcare professionals in 102 countries, including physical therapists, MDs, surgical specialists, exercise physiologists and chiropractors in public and private healthcare.

Physitrack has been a key part of Apple’s Mobility Partner Program since 2015.

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Free PhysiApp® client app

Patients download the free PhysiApp client app to follow perfect form exercise videos and report back on their progress, both online and offline.

In-app reminders keep clients on track and motivated, while the instant messaging feature (if you've enabled this) allows you to stay in touch with your clients in real-time.

Available for iOS, Apple Watch, Android and web, in more than 10 languages.

Frequently asked questions

How does Physitrack ensure a safe and secure connection between practitioner and client?

Physitrack uses best-in-class Telehealth technology providers to ensure a good connection. The video connection between practitioner and client is encrypted to ensure a safe connection without anyone peeking along online.

How much does Physitrack Telehealth cost?

Physitrack Telehealth Basic is included in all licenses, which contains the basic functionality to set up a browser based Telehealth consultation. With Telehealth Pro you are able to go big with in-app HD Telehealth sessions and additional features, like exercise video streaming. You can find more about pricing here:

With how many clients can I use Physitrack Telehealth simultaneously?

Physitrack Telehealth is designed to be used with one client at a time at this moment.

Are Physitrack Telehealth calls recorded?

Optionally, for enterprise customers, call recording can be enabled. This requires signing a separate agreement with Physitrack.

Still have questions?

Our team is happy to provide you with the answers you need.

Exercise prescription & Education

  • 15,000+ fully narrated, reviewed exercise videos
  • Educational videos and PDFs
  • Outcome measures
  • Upload your own exercise videos
  • Create your own templates

Telehealth & messaging

  • Secure & encrypted video calling
  • Works on web, iOS and Android
  • Stream exercises during a video call
  • Screen sharing
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Outcomes analysis

  • Automated outcomes data collection in tandem with the engagement process
  • Timed release of surveys and outcome measures
  • Data gathering in your own data repository
  • Simple and intuitive tools to help your analysis
  • Easy export to third-party systems and regulatory bodies

Client onboarding

  • Engagement with your clients before your first meeting
  • Your own branded apps
  • Pre-appointment intake using your own algorithms
  • Modular to suit your needs
  • Integrates with your practice management system

Practice Management
System integrations

Open your patient directly from your PMS into Physitrack and automatically copy prescribed exercise programs to your PMS, saving you time and preserving data integrity between platforms. View all integrations

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Exercise prescription
Outcome data gathering to aid your analysis
Telehealth and messaging