Connect Health - UK’s leading NHS MSK provider increases the efficiency and quality of care in musculoskeletal physio

Read about how Connect Health, the largest, specialised independent provider of community musculoskeletal (MSK) services in the UK collaborates with Physitrack to increase efficiency and quality of care for over 300,000 NHS patients every year.

Connect Health, headquartered in Newcastle, UK, with 280 specialist clinicians serving over 300,000 NHS patients and 75 businesses sees more patients with MSK problems than any other NHS provider in the UK. The technical requirements for Connect Health are incredibly stringent, with key success factors such as ease of use, stability and scalability for both patients and clinicians high on the agenda - a framework that Physitrack fitted into after 9 months’ of intense due diligence.

Connect sees an urgent need to increase the efficiency and quality of care of MSK provision in the UK – both NHS and corporate sectors – by optimising care, reducing inappropriate flow into hospitals and keeping people active and in work. 

Delivering care effectively and efficiently in a lower cost community setting, Connect transforms services, providing quality clinical care to patients and value for money for taxpayers and customers. The Connect model significantly reduces waiting times whilst improving access to treatment, patient outcomes and the patient experience.

Physitrack plays an important role in Connect’s mission and is deeply integrated into Connect’s clinical pathways across its community and corporate services, with exercise demonstrations, education and home exercises. It is a significant relationship for Physitrack that encompasses both Physitrack’s off the shelf products as well as customisations.

Says Paul Lynch, Head of Business Innovation at Connect: “At Connect we are enhancing our online digital platform for patients, supporting the patient self-management and self-efficacy agenda. Our aim is to give patients increased choice of how and when they access our services, bringing care into the community and closer to home. Physitrack offers a high quality, easy to use solution that benefits both patients and our clinicians and we are very excited about this partnership.”

Connect and Physitrack are also collaboratively working closely around outcomes data analysis via Physitrack’s PhysiData product - with the aim of building an auto-gathering data repository that can be used widely across the Connect group to draw key conclusions on the efficacy of treatments.