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Streamlined iOS App and Consumer Brand Launches for Digital Therapeutics Provider Physitrack

December 7, 2014

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apple (AAPL) recently announced it is working with a select group of business software and solution providers, including Physitrack (Bloomberg: 1297006D LN).

Now the digital therapeutics company has launched a powerful new Physitrack iOS app for healthcare practitioners, and a new patient app, released under the separately trademarked brand name PhysiApp.

Physitrack is a global leader in digital therapeutics. Its iOS and web solutions deliver clinical exercise provision and outcome analysis to thousands of healthcare practitioners and patients around the world.

New apps mean faster rehab assignment.

The development of the new Physitrack and PhysiApp iOS apps has seen a significant revamp of Physitrack’s original user interface and user experience, improving efficiency and echoing the look and feel of Apple’s iOS solutions.

Nathan Skwortsow, co-founder and CTO of Physitrack, said: “The re-development of our app ecosystem was launched following receiving the results of a wide client satisfaction survey we carried out in Q2 of 2015.

Taking these opportunities together, we’ve been able to ensure our new iOS apps respond to the main concerns expressed by users. These were about the complexity of our user interface, and the time required by a healthcare practitioner using the app to build and assign exercise programs. Our users work in very busy clinics and public healthcare systems and have very little time to assign recovery programs.

Thanks to our developer teams and support from Apple, we’ve been able to cut the time it takes a practitioner to assign a program to a patient to as little as a few seconds. This will simplify clinical usage, as well as have a dramatically positive effect on the patient journey.”

Physitrack’s updated apps are available in the App Store as well as on the web at as of today, December 7, 2015.

About Physitrack:

Physitrack is a privately held digital therapeutics provider with offices in Santa Monica, London, Amsterdam, New Delhi and Melbourne. The company develops iOS and web apps based on Physitrack’s proprietary and clinically verified video exercises in areas such as musculoskeletal, neurological, paediatric and military rehabilitation.

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