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Physitrack: Perfect Form Home Exercise Technology for HCML

January 26, 2016

Use of online platform helps boost patient adherence and helps improve outcomes


HCML is improving recovery outcomes by offering home exercise technology to the 40,000 individuals cared for each year under its rehabilitation and case management services.

It has partnered with digital therapeutics solutions provider Physitrack, to deploy the global firm’s clinical technology through its nationwide network of case managers and Innotrex physiotherapists.

HCML said the move will help patients rebuild their lives after injury more effectively and speed-up recovery time, by giving them a full library of high definition exercise videos with professional narrators demonstrating exercise technique “in perfect form”.

The platform prompts and inspires patients to follow clinically verified rehabilitation programs using a smartphone or tablet app. Patients use it to report progress and comments, enabling HCML’s clinicians to track and help their progress in real time.

“We are delighted to enhance our technology platform with a tool which, when piloted by our team, was proven to boost patient exercise adherence and cut recovery times”, said Keith Bushnell, CEO of HCML.

“It helps us to monitor recovery more closely and shows we can always improve rehabilitation times and patient journeys. Line drawings for home exercises, if unclear, can weaken the resolve of a patient. This inspires them to stick with their regime and control their own recovery, creating stronger and faster outcomes.

“HCML is a leading provider in a key market for us”, said Nathan Skwortsow, co-founder and chief technology officer of Physitrack. “Their adoption of Physitrack’s technology is a big compliment to us and we look forward to working with them and their patients to further enhance our respective offerings.”

About HCML

HCML is a leading service provider in the rehabilitation and case management arena. HCML specialises in providing case management services to the insurance, corporate and legal sectors, assisting injured and ill individuals to recover and return to work or their pre-injury condition. HCML delivers proactive, professional, cost-effective rehabilitation and case management, with the aim of accelerating recovery and return to status.

About Physitrack

Physitrack (Bloomberg: 1297006D LN) is a privately held digital therapeutics provider with offices in Santa Monica, London, Amsterdam, New Delhi and Melbourne. The company develops iOS and web apps based on Physitrack’s proprietary and clinically verified video exercises in areas such as musculoskeletal, neurological, paediatric and military rehabilitation.

Apple (NYSE: AAPL) announced in 2015 it is working with a select group of business software and solution providers, including Physitrack.

Visit for a video introduction of Physitrack,

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