Physitrack, Front Desk integrate patient engagement solution in new partnership

The digital physical therapy, telehealth and patient engagement platform from UK-based Physitrack is getting a boost in users thanks to an integration with Australian practice management system Front Desk.

Developed and supported by Smartsoft for over 20 years, the Front Desk Practice Management System is Australia’s most trusted allied health practice management software used in over 2,000 practices and by 8,000 users on each business day.

Thanks to the integration, Front Desk users can now open their patients directly from Front Desk into Physitrack, saving hours each month and ensuring data integrity across the two platforms.

In addition, assigned exercise programs are automatically uploaded from Physitrack into Front Desk, so users always have the latest information available inside Front Desk.

“We are very excited to have integrated with Front Desk to offer users a completely new level of efficiencies in their clinics”, says Physitrack CEO and co-founder Henrik Molin"Front Desk is known as one of the most reliable PMS solutions in the Australian market and it’s great to see them place confidence in our patient engagement solutions.

"Both Front Desk and Physitrack place great value on the user experience, hence this integration is a great win for our joint users."

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