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Fysergo chooses Physitrack

August 10, 2014

Use of online platform reduces absenteeism of employees

Utrecht, The Netherlands - 10 July 2014

Dutch corporate health and reintegration company Fysergo, the largest in The Netherlands, has chosen to work with the online platform Physitrack.

Physitrack supports Fysergo’s integrated approach to health management in the corporate sector.

Fysergo now offers its customers a high-quality solution for completing home exercises to help improve recovery and the rapid return to work of employees with physical injuries.

Fysergo uses Physitrack to improve the self-efficacy of employees with physical injuries. Handwritten or printed notes with home exercises are no longer necessary thanks to the online platform. 

Practitioners now have access to a high quality, online exercise video library with over 600 exercises. In addition, patients can provide immediate feedback to their practitioner at Fysergo after completing their exercises, making progress immediately transparent and allowing the practitioner to make real-time adjustments to the program where necessary.


Jan Hobbelen, CEO of Fysergo: "We believe in the power of people. Self-reliance is an essential part of this. Fysergo is convinced that e-health tools can provide clients with the necessary support to work independently on employability and vitality. But always in combination with face-to-face guidance. Healthy organisations with vital employees, that's the goal we are all working towards. Behaviour and taking personal initiative and responsibility are essential to our interventions. Together with Physitrack, we make people move and guarantee high quality and workable solutions."


Martine Rooth, Program Director at Physitrack The Netherlands: "The use of Physitrack significantly increases the compliance of patients/clients, which has been stuck at an average of 30%. This improves the rehabilitation process. By partnering with Fysergo, we contribute to improving the employability and physical condition of the workforce in the Netherlands."

About Fysergo

Fysergo is a rehabilitation and reintegration company in The Netherlands with approximately 70 internal professionals and a network of 140 rehabilitation centres.Fysergo operates based on the "The House of Fysergo" philosophy. The House of Fysergo consists of three levels: personal strength, operating strength, and team strength.

Each layer consists of expert service, which Fysergo supports the corporate sector with in the areas of vitality, productivity and sustainable employability.The strength of the organisation is achieved using a program-approach with focus on the structural link between personal, operating and team strength.

About Physitrack

Physitrack offers physiotherapists, chiropractors, remedial therapists and other healthcare providers a new standard for home exercise programs as part of the overall rehabilitation process.

Personalised exercise programs, which are easily shared with colleagues, and the ability to receive feedback reports, significantly ease the administrative burden.

By being able to monitor and motivate patients remotely, compliance increases and the rehabilitation process is considerably enhanced. Physitrack offers patients a user-friendly platform to promote recovery and make the rehabilitation process clear and transparent.

Physitrack is also active in the UK, the USA and Australia.

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