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Dutch insurer VGZ chooses Physitrack as technology partner

November 15, 2014

Health insurer improves patient adherence by using online rehabilitation exercise platform.

Amsterdam, 14 November 2014 – One of the largest health insurers in The Netherlands, VGZ, is partnering with global online rehabilitation platform Physitrack. By cooperating with Physitrack, VGZ offers its contracted healthcare providers a new standard in home exercise prescription, which helps to increase patient adherence and promotes a faster recovery. Through innovation and the implementation of e-health, VGZ empowers their 4.2 million customers to take charge of their own health and increase self-management. VGZ aims to offer high quality and affordable care and increase the awareness of online treatment methods.

New standard for home exercise programs 

VGZ offers its contracted physiotherapists and other health care professionals access to Physitrack at a subsidised rate. By using the online platform healthcare providers no longer have to struggle with drawing stick figures and instead can prescribe home exercise programs in a few simple clicks. They do this by choosing from over 600 clearly narrated exercise videos in HD and a large collection of exercise protocols. In addition, Physitrack allows healthcare providers to track patient adherence in real-time, allowing them to proactively adjust the program or schedule an additional treatment with the patient if necessary. Patients meanwhile can leave real-time feedback for their provider, which makes them feel better supported and motivated.

Adherence and support “63% of patients are unfamiliar with technology available to help them rehabilitate injuries more effectively. Through our cooperation with Physitrack, VGZ wants to change this,” says Bert Bokma, Director Generic Care at VGZ. Nathan Skwortsow, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer: “Only 30 percent of patients are doing their home exercises. Even a small increase in patient adherence has a big impact on their injury recovery process and treatment outcomes. In addition, the use of Physitrack saves healthcare providers hours of time, it reduces paperwork and increases their insight in the progress of their patients.”

Quality and affordability 

Quality of care, quality of life, affordability and accessibility are key focus areas within VGZ. Bokma: “We want to offer our customers tools to take control of their own health. The use of innovation and e-health plays an important role in this. By giving healthcare providers, at a reduced rate, the opportunity to use Physitrack to prescribe home exercise programs to their patients, we want to incentivise them to use technology to better assist and support patients in their rehabilitation process."About VGZ Dutch health insurer VGZ is a non-profit health care provider playing an active role in organising care in The Netherlands in a smarter way for over 65 years. Voted ‘best customer service’ and ‘best website’ amongst health insurers, VGZ leads the way for 4.2 million customers to offer good and affordable care based on quality, customer experience and cost of care.

About Physitrack 

Physitrack is a global health technology platform, offering physiotherapists, exercise physiologist, chiropractors and other health care professionals a new standard in home exercise prescription as part of the overall rehabilitation process. Personalised exercise programs, which are easily shared with colleagues, as well as a direct feedback loop with patients, offer healthcare providers significant time-savings and increased insight in patient adherence. Patients meanwhile feel better supported and feel they get more out of their treament. Physitrack offers clients a user-friendly platform to make the rehabilitation process self-explanatory, motivating and transparent while promoting recovery. Physitrack is currently active in Australia, The Netherlands, UK, USA and Canada.

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