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ChiroFusion Announces Integration With Physitrack

December 8, 2019

Physitrack’s patient engagement solution is now fully integrated into ChiroFusion and was uniquely designed with the help of Apple’s Mobility Partner team. Thanks to this integration, over 12,000 ChiroFusion users now have access to key Physitrack functionality and outcomes data directly inside ChiroFusion to help drive better clinical decision-making.

What Is Physitrack?

Physitrack is the exclusive exercise prescription technology partner of the APA and is used by thousands of health practitioners around the world. The Physitrack platform allows chiropractors and other health professionals to quickly and easily assign high-quality home exercise programs to their patients, track patient adherence, capture patient-reported outcome measures, and initiate Telehealth video calls.
To promote self-help and active recovery with clinically-validated exercise and activity prescription, the Physitrack solution includes:

Over 4,200 peer-reviewed exercises exercise videos, delivered straight to your patient’s smartphone, computer or printer.
Real-time outcomes tracking for chronic condition and population health management.
Constant connection and engagement to patients through Telehealth services and secure messaging via award-winning PhysiApp patient app.
The ability to scale and automate the prescription and delivery of care plans.
“We are very excited to offer an integrated exercise and outcome measure tracking program in our EHR platform,” said Damon Cozamanis, Founder and CEO of ChiroFusion. “The Physitrack integration allows practitioners to deliver better care to their patients and objectively demonstrate their clinical performance to insurance carriers, patients, and referral sources. This is a game changer for our doctors that incorporate exercise treatments into their care plans.”
Special Pricing

ChiroFusion users can now access Physitrack at an exclusive discounted rate of only $9.99 per month. This includes a free 7-day trial, with no commitments required as subscriptions are month to month. For more information about the new ChiroFusion Physitrack integration, please visit