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All exercise videos are professionally narrated to give your patients complete confidence to do their exercises correctly.

Sample exercises


GHjt ER(90) unsupported with resistance
A/AROM PIP joints with overpressure
Isometric VMO strengthening


Rope skipping

Strength & Conditioning

Cable chest fly
Kettle-bell push up to row
TRX low row


Wrist flexor soft tissue release
PNF resisted arm elevation in sitting
Walking with VOR rotation


Pilates corkscrew
Pilates swan dive level 1
Pilates side twist


Progressive muscle relaxation, upper back and shoulders
Working in a bent or seated posture
Cervical AROM


Tightrope walking forwards
Positional talipes equino varus
Prone lumbar extension

Aquatic therapy (Hydrotherapy)

Standing knee flexion stretch BA (march) - advanced
Thoracic rotation with gait BC
Supine lumbar and thoracic side flexion DA – seaweeding from hands


Two handed percussion middle lobes
Breathing control 3:3:1
Positive expiratory pressure mask (PEP)

Senior health

Timed up and go (cognitive task: counting)
Mini squats from a frame
Walking with a stick (step-to)

Women’s health & pregnancy

Pregnancy side kick level 1
Pelvic floor in wall assisted squat position
Pregnancy leg stretch in 4 point kneeling closed chain


Glenohumerale exorotatie tegen weerstand
AROM metacarpale gewrichten met mobilisatie
Isometrisch aanspannen VMO



Kracht & conditie

Cable chest fly
Leg press
Chest press


Bindweefselmassage polsflexoren
Balans op twee voeten (met stoel)
Advies: In stoel zitten vanuit stand


Zijwaarts buigen
Bekken heffen


Progressieve relaxatie: Bovenrug en schouders
Werken in een gebogen/zittende houding
Schouders optrekken


Staan op één been
Bruggetje maken


Knie Extension (auf Rolle)
Viertel-Kniebeugen mit Unterstützung
Nutation und Gegennutation und Anheben des Beckens in Rückenlage


Den Arm reiben
Geführte Handbewegung zum Mund
Anheben der Hand -im Sitz mit abgelegten Armen


"Runner´s Stretch" - Dehnung der Hüftbeuger
Dehnung der Handgelenksbeuger
Prävention: Arbeiten in gebeugter oder sitzender Haltung


"Katze und Pferd" im Stand
Dehnung des Gluteus
"Sterndehnung" -in Rückenlage


Puppy Dog Pose
"Warrior One" - Krieger 1
Chaturanga - Liegestütz Pose

Meet our Coaches

We take our exercise demonstrations very seriously so we made sure that we recruited the very best people for the job. Our coaches are elite athletes, former servicemen, professional dancers and choreographers and they will guide you through your exercises showing perfect form.

Adapted Strength and Conditioning

Stephen Handley

Stephen Handley is a former Royal Welsh Fusilier that served his country during several tours in Afghanistan. He is a qualified personal trainer with his own personal training business B-Ripped Fitness and is currently working on qualifying to the Rio Paralympics in 2016.

Strength and Conditioning

Jason Patmore

Jason Patmore served 6 years in the UK Armed Forces. He was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq. During his service, Jason was responsible for the soldier’s strength and condition, ensuring they where ready for deployment.  Since 2012, Jason runs his own Personal Training business, JDP Health & Fitness, in London, England.

MSK, Strength and Conditioning, Activities of Daily Living

Natalie Sims

Natalie Sims is a professional dancer, choreograph and exercise coach with more than a decade of experience that includes tenures at world famous Moulin Rouge and the Nouvelle Eve cabarets in Paris. She resides in Paris and London.


Diana and Julie Pickler

Diana Pickler is an American heptathlete from Shreveport, Louisiana and has represented her country at the Olympic and World Championship levels. She was the 2009 US heptathlon champion. Her twin sister, Julie Pickler, is also a track & field athlete.

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