New Physitrack's Custom App

From $999 per month.

Physitrack custom app

Engage patients like never before with your custom version of PhysiApp.

Your patient's journey is unique. Make it even more unique with a tailored, engaging digital experience.

We'll provide your first visual designs and help define your digital workflow as part of your build process.

Once delivered, you can dynamically update components at your discretion using easy-to-use tools inside your Physitrack dashboard.

Your custom app will be available on iOS, Android and web.

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Tailor your patient engagement

Your very own app in the App Store and Google Play. Your workflow. Your visual identity.

Introduce a holistic approach to recovery with an app that on-boards patients, guides them through their patient journey, and keeps them engaged with you until they need you again.

Prescribe  content at the frequency you want it.

Choose from close to 5000 exercises, educational articles and videos and outcome measures from our library. Deliver at pre-set frequencies, up to two years after discharge.

Continue the engagement with articles for prevention and wellness as well as other communication to stay top of mind for your patients in case they need you again. All weaved into your brand identity.

Engage with multiple clients.

Prescribe to individuals or to groups using our Group Assign technology.

Only available to custom app customers, Group Assign gives you a powerful tool to keep your patients actively thinking about you during and after their journey.

Use Physitrack's or your own content in combination with delivery timers to define who gets to see what and at what frequency.

Notifications and alerts

Keep your clients active and engaged with in-app notifications.

Make sure they don't forget about you until the next time they need you.

Continously reinvent yourself

Change of season? Change of focus? Change of marketing strategy?

We know your business constantly evolves and we allow our custom apps to evolve with you.

Our unique custom app dashboard lets you easily change images, links and texts whenever you want. On iOS, Android and web.

Custom app what new clients see
What logged in client sees

Digital patient on-boarding

Allow new patients start their journey with you digitally.

Use our patient on-boarding technology to gather the information you need ahead of a first appointment.

Dynamically link the app to your scheduling system.

Seamlessly continue the journey inside the same app once the patient is in your care.

(Requires the Auto Intake™ add-on)

Future-proof your business with Telehealth

Introduce new ways for your clients to receive your care.

Combine our client on-boarding technology with our HIPAA compliant, UK government grant-winning Telehealth technology and add a whole new remote treatment offering to your business.

Live-stream content during your video call, engage with single and multiple participants on the same call (coming soon).

All seamlessly weaved into your own app.


Attractively priced Telehealth and messaging.
  • Secure video consultations
  • Call recording with a single click
  • Live exercise demonstrations
  • Best-in-class security
  • Secure real-time messaging
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