9 tapaa automatisoida hallinnointi fysioterapiaklinikallanne

9 tapaa automatisoida hallinnointi fysioterapiaklinikallanne

Aiheuttavatko aikapaineet vaikeuksia vastaanoton toimintojen hallintaan? Tutustu älykkääseen ratkaisuun, joka virtaviivaistaa tehtäviä, vähentää virheitä ja helpottaa ajanvarausta, paperitöitä ja hallinnollisia toimintoja.


Ever felt like there just aren't enough hours in the day to manage your private physiotherapy practice? Between patient appointments, paperwork, and managing admin, things can quickly become overwhelming. 

What if we told you there's a smarter way to work? 

Dive into the world of practice management software. This software uses technology to automate and simplify repetitive tasks, making them more efficient and less prone to human error.

Based on our conversations with thousands of clinicians, these are some of the typical areas where you can see some quick wins with practice management software:

1. Online Booking

Online booking is a game-changer for private physiotherapy practices, offering convenience, efficiency, and improved patient experience. By implementing an online booking system, you can streamline your scheduling process, reduce admin, and ensure that appointments are easily accessible to your clients.

The entire booking process can be automated when you enable online booking:

  1. Clients can look at your calendar and pick a suitable time slot.
  2. They key in their details, which looks up their client profile.
  3. You are notified of a new booking.
  4. Clients get instant confirmation via email or SMS.
  5. Your calendar shows the latest appointment details.

For your clients, online booking can have the following benefits:

  • No juggling with phone numbers or battling engaged lines. A couple of clicks, and they're in!
  • They can book any time of the day. No more timing their calls to your working hours.

The benefits from your perspective are:

  • Clients looking online might choose you over competitors simply for easy booking.
  • If you've got a reception team, this could translate to savings.
  • Bid farewell to appointment booking admin.
  • Your clients enter their info, trimming down your workload.

2. Automated Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

It's easy for patients to forget about their upcoming physio appointments. Missed appointments can disrupt your practice's schedule, waste valuable resources, and hinder patient care. That's why implementing an appointment reminder and confirmation system is crucial for the success of your private practice.

Systems like WriteUpp will allow you to set up confirmations via email or SMS that are sent out when a client books an appointment. You’ll also be able to automate a reminder sent out a few days before the appointment to ensure your clients don’t forget about their appointment with you.

A fully-automated system like this will help you:

  • Improve the experience for your clients 
  • Reduce time and effort on your part
  • Cut out the need for appointment cards (in most cases)
  • Significantly reduce # of no-shows

3. Online Forms

When you're at work, how often do you do these things?

  • Digitising client-filled forms and integrating them into your management system
  • Reviewing preliminary assessment forms with your client during their appointment
  • Awaiting a client's paper form completion before proceeding with the session
  • Transfer responses from a client's paper document to a digital version in your system

If any of these resonate with you, transitioning to online forms might be a good strategy. You can streamline these tasks by sending encrypted online forms to your client’s inbox. This way, they can fill them out at home before they come in. 

Once submitted, you'll get an alert, and the form will be seamlessly incorporated into your client's file for easy access during consultations.

Opting for a hands-off approach lets you:

  • Streamline registration, reviews, consent forms, and GDPR-related agreements
  • Cut back on the time spent digitising, saving, or transferring paper documents
  • Minimise client waiting time in your establishment
  • Decrease paper usage and the need for storage

4. Body Chart Annotation and Physio Templates

Creating and annotating note templates has saved physiotherapists hours of time and improved the quality of their note-taking.

Moreover, you can use pre-built note templates to make this process even easier for you:

  • Upload body images with the ability to annotate
  • Add your own notes templates to use at every session
  • Use our library of specialised physio note templates

5. Automated Data Capture

To delve deeper, advanced clinic management software enables you to directly integrate particular details shared by clients in online forms into their client profiles.

Typically, this can be done for details such as:

  • Personal demographics
  • Residential and geographical details
  • Client's communication details (phone, email)
  • Emergency contact or close relative details

This automation can drastically reduce the time you spend recording this data manually or through direct conversations when the client is in the waiting area or with you. With a simple click it is incorporated into your system, minimising the time spent, and potential errors in manual data entry.

6. Triggered Documents

While not all systems provide document triggers, WriteUpp enables the automatic creation of documents in response to specific events, such as a new appointment being scheduled.

You can set up document templates if you set an appointment and wish to dispatch a letter to the client, caregiver, GP, or any other third party. These templates, once triggered, will auto-fill with the client information from their profile. Your remaining task is merely to print and send the letter.

Like other automated enhancements, this feature can significantly reduce the time you allocate to draft and customise letters to clients, caregivers, or fellow medical practitioners.

7. Streamlined Invoicing

Invoicing isn't exactly our favourite task. It's monotonous, repetitive, and demanding, yet it's essential because, well, we all need to earn.

Luckily, with the right private practice software, there are methods to make invoicing more efficient. Some features include:

  • Generating personalised invoices reflecting your clinical services 
  • Quickly distinguishing between settled/unsettled invoices and problematic debts
  • Highlighting sessions that await invoicing
  • Conveniently integrating online payment options to invoices

By streamlining your invoicing, you can:

  • Spend less time on billing and enhance operational efficiency
  • Decrease the likelihood of mistakes
  • Keep financial records in pristine and systematic order
  • Continuously monitor cash inflow 
  • Cut down on manual documentation

8. Integrated Payments

Sending out an invoice is just half the battle; the real challenge often lies in securing the payment, especially if you don’t collect fees at the treatment’s conclusion. 

Enter the marvel of online payments – a hassle-free solution to cut down those exhausting hours and frustrations when chasing your dues.

It’s all about embedding a seamless payment link into your invoice or during your online booking procedure. Your clients can effortlessly settle their bills directly from their invoice with their card or even pre-pay during their online appointment booking. While the backbone payment systems vary, many practitioners lean on trusted names such as Square and Stripe.

By embracing these payment modalities, here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Drastically decrease face-to-face payment discussions, either pre or post-treatment.
  • Elevate your client's experience by offering an easy payment process.
  • Say goodbye to tedious manual payment verifications; auto-confirmations will keep your practice management system up-to-date.

9. Integration with Physitrack

Physitrack makes it easy for patients to access exercise programs from anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet. This means your patients can stay engaged with their treatment plan, even when not in your office.

With the integration between WriteUpp and Physitrack, you can log in to Physitrack directly from within WriteUpp and have patients from WriteUpp created inside Physitrack automatically.

By streamlining your workflow, customising exercise programs, enhancing patient engagement, improving compliance, and achieving better outcomes, you can provide your patients with a higher level of care while also managing your practice more effectively.

Streamline Your Practice Admin with WriteUpp

WriteUpp is a tailor-made practice management software for physiotherapists.

It is ideal for sole practitioners and multi-location clinics. You can view information about your bookings, your client's appointment history, and upcoming appointments. Automatic SMS and email reminders will ensure that no one misses an appointment.

By creating and annotating note templates, physiotherapists have saved hours and improved their note-taking quality. Our physio note templates library lets you upload your own notes and annotate body images.

By using practice management software, you can spend more time building your practice, attracting new clients, and earning more money.

Contact us for a live chat if you have any questions or want to learn more about what an integrated practice management solution can do for you.

Author: Ellie McDonald from WriteUpp

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