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Introducing our Onboarding Pro Plan – your key to a seamless integration journey with Physitrack. With dedicated sessions led by our expert onboarding specialist, personalized setup assistance, and priority support, you'll embark on a smooth transition tailored to your unique business needs. Unlock the full potential of Physitrack with our comprehensive onboarding support. We can't wait to be part of your journey towards success!



Looking to continue your professional education? Integrate Physitrack with our Physicourses' E-learning library, featuring over 600 hours of on-demand video courses and 35 self-paced PDF courses. These courses offer professional accreditation credits for healthcare professionals. Plus, enjoy the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay one-off registration or starting costs?

At Physitrack all is included in the monthly pricing, so there are no one-off or starting costs.

Can I share licenses or work with more than one practitioner on a license?

Every individual practitioner inside your clinic requires a separate Physitrack license. You can easily set up sharing relationships to enable colleagues to work with the same patient or share content among colleagues or teams.

What cancellation period do you apply?

Physitrack subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis. If you cancel within a given month, we will end your subscription at the end of that month.

Can I easily switch licenses between practitioners?

You can easily switch licenses inside your clinic, for example with a (temporary) change of personnel.

Can I get a discount?

We offer discounts in various ways, often via physiotherapy associations or EMR providers. Are you part of a big organisation? Then contact us directly via as we might be able to provide a volume discount to your situation.

Still have questions?

Our team is happy to provide you with the answers you need.

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All Physitrack data is backed up frequently, encrypted, and stored for several years.

All traffic to and from Physitrack is encrypted.

24/7 uptime monitoring by our ISO 27001 certified SRE team. Public status page.

Registered with the ICO. Compliant with GDPR.

Frequent vulnerability scans to ensure Physitrack's security.

You retain ownership of all your data.

Compliant with HIPAA standards.

Clearly worded Privacy Policy.

View and edit shared client programs.

Easily manage practitioner settings for multiple practitioners at once from our PT Direct backoffice.

Decide which practitioner receives notifications for which client.

Compare client outcomes among your practitioners.

Transfer clients from one practitioner to another.

Share clients, exercises, templates, outcome measures and educational content inside your team.

Automatically update engaging content for prevention and recovery.

Communicate with groups of clients or individually via notifications and messaging.

Onboard workers and clients for video calling, exercise prescription and hands-on engagement.

Empower your clients to take action for prevention and recovery.

Client-facing apps tailored to your needs, developed and maintained by Physitrack.

Receive notifications when patients experience high pain levels.

Automated outcomes data collection in tandem with the engagement process.

Plan timed release of surveys and outcome measures.

Let patients complete multiple outcome measures at once

Easy export to third party systems and regulatory bodies.

Track patient outcomes in real-time with outcome measures and tools for your analysis.

Presence detection. See when your patients are online.

Detailed log of Telehealth call durations per patient for billing purposes.

Stream exercises and educational videos during a video call.

Screen sharing.

Built into Physitrack and PhysiApp. Nothing to install.

Secure and encrypted video calling.

Add your own educational videos and PDFs.

Create your own exercise templates to save hours each month.

Upload your logo to increase brand awareness.

Mark exercises as favourites for quick re-assigning.

Set your own default exercise parameters, titles and instructions.

Upload your logo to increase brand awareness.

Record new exercises directly from the Physitrack iOS app or upload your existing videos and photos.

Free app for your clients. Available in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish

Educational videos & PDFs with timed release

Integrations with leading practice management systems

Print exercise programs including patient tracking sheets

Outcome measures with instant or timed release

Search for exercises by condition, objective, difficulty and more

Track adherence and progress.

Engage with your clients via Telehealth or chat.

Share with colleagues.

Add your own exercises, education and programs.

Choose between 200+ templates.

Assign over 15.000+ exercises via app, web or paper

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