Outcomes Analysis.

Track and analyse patient outcomes and outcome measures in real-time. Deliver more effective care, help your patients achieve better outcomes and reduce overheads based on detailed insight.

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Adherence, pain levels, RPE, HRMax. You choose what to track.

Guessing games are over. Physitrack lets you track and analyse patient outcomes in real-time to know exactly how your patients are progressing in between appointments. Provide more targeted care based on real-time patient reported outcomes and feedback.

  • track and analyse adherence, pain levels, RPE and HRMax in real-time

  • built-in notifications when patients drop below set adherence / pain levels

  • upload outcome data to your practice management system

Built-in outcome measures. At your finger tips.

Choose from over 25 built-in outcome measures to collect detailed patient reported outcome data. Demonstrate treatment efficacy to insurers and referrers to help grow your business or use for internal benchmarking.

  • 25+ outcome measure surveys or add your own

  • patients complete outcome measures in the PhysiApp patient app

  • demonstrate treatment efficacy to help increase referrals

  • collect patient satisfaction feedback

Outcome-driven care made easy.

  • Track and analyse adherence, pain levels, RPE and HRMax

  • Built-in notifications when patients experience high pain levels

  • Powerful insights through easy-to-read outcome charts

  • Upload outcome data to your practice management system

  • Patients complete outcome measures inside the PhysiApp patient app

  • 25+ built-in outcome measure surveys

  • Add your own outcome measures in seconds

  • Let patients complete multiple outcome measures at once

  • Analyse outcome measure results by patient or across  your entire patient base

  • Great for compensable claims and internal benchmarking

  • Demonstrate treatment efficacy to increase referrals

  • Create better performing teams based on outcome data

  • Qualify for additional Medicare revenue with MIPS compliant data gathering