Totally Plc - Rigorous analytical focus underpinned by Physitrack’s Outcomes Analysis

One of the UK’s leading healthcare provider groups needed a solution that could automate outcomes data gathering as part of the patient journey along with robust analytical tools that could aggregate and export data for deeper studies. In Physitrack, they found a one-stop shop.

In the fall of 2017, Totally Plc’s Dean Payne formulated a vision for how he wanted to address client services accessibility and the corresponding outcomes data collection and analysis within the groups framework of providing innovative healthcare. Basically, he had the need to collect data in seamless lock-step with the excellent clinical work that Totally Plc performs with tens of thousands of patients each year. 

In addition to a fully automated data collection methodology, Dean identified the need to aggregate the data using his proprietary analytical models. 

By combining Physitrack’s solution for exercise prescription and outcomes tracking and add-ons for aggregation, filtering and export as part of Physitrack’s PhysiData offering, Dean’s needs were met within a few short weeks. 

Dean and the team at Totally are now fine tuning these models and with Physitrack are collaborating to enhance Totally’s PhysiData package with updated analysis methodology and to widen the scope of the analysis to larger cohorts from the companies corporate wellness offering.

Physitrack will of course be with him every step of the way.