When ancient martial arts meet digital health technology

An inspiring story on how readily available technology keeps an elite martial arts athlete on track to a pain free life.

When ancient martial arts meet digital health technology

Meaghan Nixon is an Australian elite martial arts athlete who has competed Nationally and internationally including representing Australia 4 times. Career highlight s include a silver medal in 2012 at the Shotokan Karate World Championships. Meaghan is now giving AFL a go playing in the Sydney competition for the Pennant Hills Demons.

Throughout her career Meaghan has experienced a range of inter-related issues such as gluteal tendinopathy, hip and ankle instability, knee misalignment and lower back stiffness.

Trish Wisbey-Roth & Meaghan Nixon

At 34 years old, and with many more years of training and competitions still ahead, Meaghan sought help from Specialist Sports Physiotherapist Trish Wisbey-Roth.

After receiving an accurate diagnosis from Trish, a tailored action plan was created to address each issue at various stages.

The exercise plan to retrain Meaghan’s body was intensive with exercises scheduled each day via PhysiApp. For Meaghan, who is often traveling, PhysiApp is a must:

"I absolutely love PhysiApp on my iPad! I am able to add comments, ask questions, rank pain levels and record reps and sets on each exercise. The exercises are updated regularly, contain clear videos and sometimes additional notes on things to focus on, which is great for when I come home and may have forgotten what exactly I had to do.

If there are any issues Trish sends me a message through the app and checks up, which is reassuring as well. You aren't on your own in between appointments. The app holds me to account, I get a reminder on my iPad to do the exercises, and is the motivation I need to assist in creating the daily habit. 

I know Trish will be able to see if I've been slacking off too and I need to hold up my end of the deal to fix these issues and get back to training and living pain free.

Already we have noticed improvements in a relatively short time and I have continued to stay motivated and compliant to my program!”