Outcomes Data Driven Innovation at Orthology

Read about how US company Orthology’s quest for innovation in patient outcomes data analysis led them to work with Physitrack. The result was an implementation of an automated patient outcomes data generation engine that works with Orthology’s home exercise prescription tools.

Orthology has several high-end clinics across the US, including in New York City, Washington DC and Minneapolis. Orthology employs top quality clinicians in physical rehabilitation centers that combine health science research in orthopedic care and neurological rehabilitation with hands-on, non-invasive personalized treatment. The level of Orthology’s technology is high thanks to the widespread use of Apple iOS devices that are deeply integrated into the patient journey from the first check-in, to the in-clinic treatments to the discharge, with the iPads powered by an EMR from drchrono - an Apple Mobility partner, just like Physitrack.

As part of Orthology’s core strategy - constant innovation - the company has an advanced focus on outcomes data gathering and analysis that it uses to evaluate the effects of its innovation, in order to improve the patient journey and maximize positive impact on treatment methodology.

Orthology decided in the summer of 2017 to overhaul its outcomes data strategy, which relied on patient outcomes data input via an independent questionnaire process using a third party system that could also provide data analysis. It turned to Physitrack to find a solution that could more closely integrate the collection of outcomes data in the patient journey, notably with the home exercise prescription process.

The end result of Orthology’s close collaboration with Physitrack in the fall of 2017 was the implementation of Physitrack’s PhysiData product for seamless outcomes data collection in parallel with home exercise prescription, coupled with clinician patient benchmark analysis and enterprise level cohort analysis. 

Orthology’s PhysiData system enables Orthology’s clinicians to benchmark their patients against groups of patients that they treat themselves, and against patients from other Orthology’s clinics - with dynamic filtering using the Benchmark tool.

The system also allows Orthology to aggregate and analyze patients according to specific filtering criteria with various statistical methodology using the Cohort Analysis tool. Data export for e.g. external analysis engines and regulatory reporting is also easily achieved with the Export function.

Lastly, the build allows Orthology to monitor the health of the digital strategy in the whole and parts of the company with respect to home exercise program activation, adherence and recovery times using the Rankings tool.

And, of course, since Physitrack integrates perfectly with Orthology’s EMR system drcrhono, a fellow Apple partner of Physitrack’s, data is seamlessly exported and stored centrally.

Future strategic steps for Orthology, once the PhysiData implementation is done, will include evaluating Physitrack’s other solutions, including: automated patient onboarding with Physitrack AI, and remote engagement via Physitrack Telehealth.