On a mission to make care accessible for everyone

Read this story with a clinic owner and a sports therapist, Marcus Slade, and learn why he is on a mission to make care accessible for everyone. Learn valuable tips about healthcare and his favorite thing about Physitrack.

Physitrack had an inspiring conversation with the clinic owner of Paeon and sports therapist, Marcus Slade, who is now building a franchise company for other healthcare providers. It is safe to say, Marcus is a professional you want to learn from, and in this story, he talks about his journey and the lessons he has learned as a healthcare professional.

A humble beginning turned into a growth journey

Marcus grew up playing football and retired in 2015 because of an injury. He studied at Birmingham University and graduated in 2014 with BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy. In 2015 with the 150 pounds he had saved up, Marcus started his own clinic using the facilities at a local gym. Year after year, the clinic grew, and in 2020 Marcus started his own franchise company, called Paeon Franchise, they assists clinicians who want to start their own practice, by providing business expertise, marketing and operations, and clinical pathways to help clinic owners achieve lasting success - faster. Today, the Paeon Sports Injury Clinic employs five therapy professionals and serves more than 5000 clients per year. Paeon works closely with the local rugby, football, and running clubs. In total, the company collaborates with seven different running clubs in Birmingham. "Running is the most prominent sport we work in," Marcus explains.

Client-based clinic

Marcus has a clear vision in mind when talking about the clinic's mission. "I noticed a mindset in our industry where you bring someone into the clinic, provide a generalized treatment path, and recycle clients as much as possible until the client gets better." That was something Marcus wanted to change. "For us, it was always about helping the client as much as possible and helping them to take ownership of their health. We always wanted to be the clinic where patients say: "actually, that was really rewarding."

Marcus describes the typical caseload at Paeon Clinic: "A person with an early face of injury. An assessment and treatment plan follows naturally. We do a lot of, for example, isometric and eccentric rehabilitation with our patients and help them to be successful with their injury comeback."

Why digital developments?

We all know the impact Covid had on the healthcare industry. But for Marcus, digital clinical tools came into the picture earlier than the pandemic. "I brought Physitrack into the clinic in 2018, and it was revolutionary for us. As we reached more than 70 clients per week, we needed to invest in digital care, and it was never a questionable decision. We have never looked back after starting to use Physitrack."

Marcus is most excited about the practitioner and client experience with Physitrack. "The fact that it integrates and everything is in one place makes me happy. I can write an ACL rehabilitation program in 3 minutes. That is how accessible it is." Marcus smiles.

Lastly, Marcus gives two tips for his colleagues:

  • Start before you are ready - you will learn as you go!
  • In order to provide quality care, invest. Growth and development aren't only themes for your patient's injury process; they are also good goals for you and your business!

We thank you for your time, Marcus, and wish you and your Paeon all the best!

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