Medbase AG - Swiss precision meets Apple-powered patient engagement

How a leading Swiss healthcare provider implemented Physitrack’s home exercise prescription, outcomes analysis and Telehealth technology across 47 clinics to stay miles ahead of its competition.

Medbase is a leading provider of physiotherapy services through 47 clinics and 350 healthcare practitioners across Switzerland. It counts most of the country’s insurers and many of Switzerland’s world class corporates as clients. 

Medbase’s contacts with Physitrack started late 2015 as the group launched a tender to revamp its digital offering to patient. Following months of close collaboration with Medbase’s management and clinical teams around the Physitrack product and an expansion of Physitrack’s library in German and French, Medbase became Physitrack’s first German and French-centric client in the fall of 2016.

Medbase’s highly sophisticated approach to care provision, which is powered by Apple technology for hands-on care via iPads, and Physitrack’s Apple co-designed technology, continuously reaches new heights via close R&D collaboration in areas such as Telehealth, outcomes analysis and directly patient-facing self onboarding.

Medbase remains an important R&D partner for several Physitrack products, including the extension of Physitrack Telehealth to the iPad which was delivered in March of 2017, as well as a key provider of intelligence for the development of Physitrack AI.

With care delivery across all of Switzerland’s regions in several languages, Medbase is a complex client that ensures the continuous improvement of Physitrack’s technology, and in return Medbase’s rehabilitation and corporate health offerings continue to be the most competitive in one of the most demanding healthcare markets in the world.