Healthcare Business Solutions: Transforming virtual MSK care in the UK public healthcare system with Virtual Lucy

Read about how a leader in integrated service provision to 35 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups launched the most exciting remote MSK management product in UK healthcare to date - Virtual Lucy.

When Lucy Cassidy, the physiotherapist and tech visionary that cobbled together the multiple innovation award winning NHS Brighton Virtual Fracture Clinic using mainly off the shelf third party solutions, joined Healthcare Business Solutions UK (HBSUK), she did so with a mission:

To create a robust, easy-to-use, globally scalable technology for remote care of simple MSK injuries that could be used widely across the public and private healthcare systems to free up consultant time for specialist clinics, ward rounds or theatre lists.

“It was a challenge I was more than keen on stepping up to,” says Lucy Cassidy, “as it was a natural extension of what I had done for NHS Brighton. This time, however, I had a chance to create something where the technology would know no compromises in terms of its infrastructure, user experience or scalability. HBSUK gave me free reign to create my dream system without having to be limited by NHS budgets or potentially slow-moving decision making.”

After careful consideration and months of due diligence, Lucy decided to combine the power of Physitrack for patient triage and remote consultations via Physitrack’s Telehealth solution, home exercise prescription and outcomes tracking, with a custom-built CRM for referral and remote treatment workflow. The intense software development project spanned several months and engaged two parallel teams with an impressive headcount, and finally, in the spring of 2018, Lucy’s product - Virtual Lucy, named after its birthmother, saw the light of day.

“Virtual Lucy is a game changer for the NHS and private insurers in the UK alike,” says Henrik Molin, CEO and co-founder of Physitrack. “By placing clinically validated, easy-to-use technology into the hands of the skilled professionals that run the day-to-day clinical work - as opposed to engaging with providers with open-ended per consultation models - they reap all the cost and workflow benefits of technological change while keeping their staffing costs under control. This product will have a tremendous impact on care providers and we are excited to be core part of it.”

Several NHS trusts as well as large insurers are in the process of adopting the technology, which will roll out in the third week of April, 2018.

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