From Paralympics to university lecturing - how to combine different environments as a practitioner

Physitrack virtual visited Surakarta, Indonesia, and spoke with Suryo Saputra Perdana, a practitioner who combines two completely different occupations as a health care professional.

Suryo works as a physiotherapist in NPC (National Paralympic committee Indonesia) and a university lecturer at UMS. As you can imagine, these two are entirely different organisations, but he finds it fascinating to influence two different environments.

The academic environment charms Suryo since he gets to work with students and future experts and professionals. He values science and technology, so enjoying the university's atmosphere is natural. "The vision in our university is to be the center of education, knowledge, technology, and science, based on Islamic values," Suryo explains.

Inspired by innovative technology and scientific evidence

Since modern and innovative technology is highly valued in both UMS and NPC, the organisations started to look at better developments in digital care. "UMS and NPC have both similar dreams: digitalisation, especially in healthcare. We felt the need to get better developments in digital care because of our patients. If we don't adapt, we will be left behind. We want to offer modern services to our patients to help them with their needs", Suryo states. The transition to using Physitrack started after Suryo himself started using Physitrack back in 2018. When he began lecturing at UMS, he thought Physitrack would also bring value to the academic organisation.

Suryo tells more about his work in the national Paralympic committee where he works with over 30 athletes. Especially during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Suryo had a busy time helping his athletes be at their best and supporting their journey. "Physitrack was also in action in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics", he mentions. 70% of his athletes utilize Physitrack in their training and when reporting to practitioners.

Research study in UMS

Going back to the academic world, Suryo explains how his students use Physitrack in their studies: "Physitrack is a great tool for finding exercises for chronic pain and sports injuries. We also use it for learning material based on clinical and scientific evidence and education material. Students can learn a lot from scientific evidence and the interactive exercise videos." Lastly, Suryo mentions how he works with more than 300 students who all use Physitrack. UMS students are also conducting research in Indonesia to find satisfied practitioners using the Physitrack applications. "More to come on that later", says Suryo.

Thank you for your time, Suryo!

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