Continuous education made easy with Physitrack

Peter Malliaras is a Melbourne-based physiotherapist, researcher and Associate Professor at Monash University. Read how Peter is using Physitrack to share his own exercise protocols and education with practitioners who attended his online tendinopathy courses.

Peter Malliaras is a physiotherapist, researcher and Associate Professor in the Physiotherapy Department at Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia. His research focuses on developing and improving exercise and education interventions for tendinopathy and understanding the mechanisms of these interventions. Peter also maintains a strong clinical focus, specialising in difficult tendinopathy cases and regularly consults to elite athletes.

“After starting with Physitrack and uploading my videos and education resources I quickly learnt it could be useful as a tool to ensure clients have an accurate record of the rehab that you provide them. Now all my patients will be sent a Physitrack exercise program, as well as outcome measures and education resources specific to their tendinopathy problem. To save time I have made templates which include relevant exercises, education resources and outcome measures for common tendon problems. I can easily share these with clients and remove ones that are not relevant, or add ones that are, depending on the individual.”

“The exciting part is that Physitrack facilitates Telehealth appointments inside the same platform, which saves me switching between screens. The best part is the live exercise video streaming to easily share exercise videos with clients during the Telehealth call. Clients can watch the video and repeat the exercise and you can correct their form. At the end of the session they receive their exercise plan and you are confident that they have a record of what they need to do.”

Apart from using Physitrack in a clinical setting Peter also uses Physitrack as part of his ONLINE Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy course. By uploading his own exercise videos and educational content to his Physitrack account Peter is able to share this content with clinicians who purchased his online courses. This way course participants can easily apply their course learnings and prescribe the exercise protocols to clients by using Physitrack. We love this innovative approach!