Briotix - Reinventing Corporate Wellness, Ergonomics and Occupational Health with virtual care

Read about how Briotix, leader in occupational health provision to Fortune 500 companies, reached the goals of improving exercise adherence and insight into the customer journey, as well as introducing virtual care within weeks of the first contact with Physitrack.

Briotix, Inc, of Denver, Colorado, is a subsidiary of US Physical Therapy, Inc and global leaders provider of workforce performance solutions, combining ergonomic, injury-prevention, physical rehabilitation and performance optimization services.

The company transforms organizational productivity by unlocking the potential of workforces. Briotix clients include many Fortune 500 companies and their global operations and a significant number of the largest insurers and their proxies. The company serves Fortune 500 clients in over 54 countries. 

Within weeks of getting in touch with Physitrack, Physitrack’s team delivered a tailor-made integration into Briotix’s EHR system and rolled out a Home Exercise prescription and Outcomes Tracking / Analysis solution capable of meeting Briotix’s immediate needs. In addition, it provided a plug-and-play platform for Briotix’s virtual care services via Physitrack Telehealth.

Says Shelby Spencer, Head of Business Transformation and Technology at Briotix:

“At Briotix we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the clinical support we provide to our clinical teams and their patients, including improved visibility around patient outcomes. Our rigorous testing of Physitrack has shown that it has the capability to not only significantly increase patient compliance, but also provide our clinical teams with real-time insight in patient compliance, pain scores and outcome measure results. Having this insight allows our clinicians to provide the patients we treat annually with better support and more tailored treatment plans based on detailed insights, all aiding in improving recovery times and patient outcomes.”

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