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Raintree and Physitrack integration

Prescribe engaging exercise programs, 3D anatomical content and 50+ outcome measures. Track patient compliance and outcomes data in real-time to satisfy MIPS and MACRA requirements. All from inside Raintree.

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A key part of Apple’s Mobility Partner Program since 2015. Already used by 20,000+ healthcare professionals in 102 countries, including physical therapists, MD’s, surgical specialists, exercise physiologists and chiropractors in public and private healthcare.

Onboard & triage

  • Triage patients through your own branded app to streamline your patient flow.
  • Extend your clinical pathways for your patients and plan members. 
  • Collect key condition information ahead of the first appointment to save hours. 
  • Choose from pre-appointment intake, patient triage and post-triage self management modules.
  • Enhanced content delivery and user notifications with a custom dashboard.

Prescribe & track

  • Promote self-help and active recovery with clinically-validated exercise and activity prescription.
  • Use thousands of clinically validated exercises and  activities in areas such as  
    MSK and Orthopedics,  Neurology, Pediatrics,  Cardiology, Respiratory  
    and Women’s Health.
  • Excel  in data and patient  tracking using real-time  outcomes data - for one  patient, or all of your  patients.
  • Automated data analytics for activity, pain and functional outcomes.


  • Support and educate patients pre-and post surgery with a library of clinician-created educational videos and PDFs.
  • Provide ongoing value for patients with your own educational videos and PDFs.
  • Promote wellness and health through patient-specific educational content.


  • Communicate securely with integrated Telehealth including real-time exercise and activity demonstration from a peer reviewed clinical library.
  • Help patients accomplish specific functional movements, in a virtually observed therapeutic environment.
  • Allow patients to send secure messages during live Telehealth sessions and anytime throughout their patient journey.
  • Enable care coordination and collaboration with other providers in your ecosystem using Physitrack.

Onboard and triage your patients. In your very own app.

Extend your clinical pathways
Your own branded apps
Pre-appointment intake 
Modular to suit your needs
Integrates with your practice management system

Exercise Prescription is video-based.

Boost patient engagement with crystal-clear, fully narrated exercise videos, delivered straight to your patient's smartphone or computer.

3,700+ clinical exercise videos
170+ exercise program templates
Upload your own exercise videos
Create and save your own exercise programs
Integrated with many practice management systems

Unique 3D anatomy content by Primal Pictures

Bespoke 3D anatomical content for an enhanced outpatient as well as point of care experience
Condition-specific animations, side-by-side exercise animations, 3D functional movement videos, and anatomical slides.
Incorporate 3D content into your treatment sessions, and include them in your client’s home rehab programme.
Powered by Primal Pictures. Unique to Physitrack.

Free PhysiApp patient app.

Because life is expensive enough.

Free PhysiApp patient app
Available for iOS, Android and web
Engage patients like never before

Outcomes Analysis is real-time.

Deliver better, patient-centric care through real-time insight.

Built-in outcome measures
Real-time outcomes tracking
Data benchmarking to engage your patient
Perform your own clinical studies
Boost your business through Medicare-compliant (MIPS) data gathering

Seamlessly integrated Telehealth and messaging.

Secure video consultations and customer chat, fully integrated.

Secure video consultations
Call recording
 with a single click
Live exercise demonstrations
Secure real-time messaging

Patient Education.

Educational content to help patients better manage their conditions.

Educational video’s & PDF’s
upload your own educational content
offer patients complete care