For Institutions

A $3.75 trillion problem. One app.

Inefficient prescription of clinical exercises, as well as poor patient adherence, negatively affects treatment outcomes and creates unnecessary financial pressure on healthcare systems.

In addition, a lack of insight in patient adherence and other outcomes prevents institutions from creating more efficient processes and treatments to improve patient outcomes.                     
Until now.


Prescribe crystal-clear, video-based exercise programs and track patient outcomes in real-time. Securely upload patient outcome data to the hospital’s legacy system to promote informed decision making and greater efficiencies.

“Physitrack saves our patients inconvenience and helps to reduce the associated staff-time costs for the trust.”
Rob Elek, Head of Strategy, St George’s University Hospitals London NHS Foundation Trust

Corporate Health

From remote oil rigs in the Pacific to city offices. And from army barracks to trucking companies. Keep your employees fit (or get them better) with tailored exercise programs they love following on their smartphone, tablet of computer.

".... every dollar it spent on (employee) wellness programs yielded a potential $2 to $4 return on investment.”
Dr. Fikry Isaac, vice president of global health services at Johnson & Johnson


Distance should be no barrier in providing patients with high quality and effective healthcare. Track patient adherence and update exercise programs in real-time, so patients stay motivated instead of getting stuck.

“Telehealth is an incredible tool that allows many patients to access needed care that might not otherwise be available to them”.
Dr Reena Pande, cardiologist and Chief Medical Officer of AbilTo