Physitrack for clinical research.

It’s all about the data.

Clinical studies are a powerful way to look at the impact exercise has on people’s health and quality of life, whether prescribed as a preventative measure or to aid post-op recovery.

The collection of accurate outcome data however can be very complicated and time-consuming, in particular where cohorts are spread around a country or even based in multiple countries throughout the world.

This is where Physitrack comes in.


Choose from 3,000+ fully narrated, clinical exercise videos by APA physiotherapists and clinical experts from around the world or upload your own.

Create and share custom exercise protocols with participating researchers around the world to ensure consistent exercise delivery.

Cohorts complete their prescribed exercise programs via the free PhysiApp patient app (iOS, Android and web) and report back on their adherence, pain levels, RPE and HR Max after each exercise.

Built-in reminders keep them on track and engaged.

Access cohort outcome data in real-time via our secure data processing platform Physidata.
Analyse detailed outcomes in seconds and download raw data as .xls and .csv files.

Proud supporter of Movember.

Physitrack is proud to be the exercise technology provider of the global GAP4 study in collaboration with the Movember Foundation and managed by Prof. Rob Newton from Edith Cowan University in Perth.  

With a cohort of over 800 patients in 7 countries, GAP4 aims to establish an optimal exercise protocol to maximise quality of life and survival of men with advanced prostate cancer. 

Physitrack is used to prescribe tailored exercise programs and collect patient outcome data from cohorts around the world.

Let’s get started.

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