Marleena Rossi

Clinical Specialist, PhD (Health Sciences)
With a background in health sciences, Marleena brings valuable knowledge into the content team.
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Marleena Rossi is a clinical specialist with a PhD in health sciences. She's also a physiotherapist, which means she knows about the human body and how to help it heal. Marleena has written extensively on different topics including digital health and PROMs. She is highly respected within her field, and her advice is sought by both patients and other professionals.

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We are excited to tell you that professor Jeremy Lewis PhD FCSP has teamed up with Physitrack to produce the most comprehensive and inclusive shoulder rehabilitation program available online. Here's everything you need to know about the collaboration.

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The pandemic revolutionised healthcare and the world. But today, as face-to-face care is returning to its former state, is there still room for digital health in clinical settings? Find out below.

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Using patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) has the potential to improve practitioner-patient communication, increase patient satisfaction, aid in monitoring the efficacy of treatment response, and even identify unrecognised problems.

Read below what is HOOS-12, when and how to use it.

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