Anna Rantala

Marketing Specialist
With a background in professional sports and marketing, Anna drives the marketing team with her positivity and creativity!
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Anna Rantala has been a Marketing Specialist for over three years, and has extensive experience in writing. She is particularly interested in health, wellness, the human body, and sports. Anna enjoys interviewing different people and learning new things; she believes that there is always something to be learned from others, no matter who they are or what they do.

"I am a creator and a storyteller. I love the opportunity to write about so many interesting topics and hopefully help people to learn something new. It is an honour to be part of Physitrack and elevate the world's wellbeing daily."

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Burnout among physiotherapists is a prevalent issue in clinics, influencing both the well-being of therapists and the quality of patient care.

This blog post explores effective approaches to address and alleviate physiotherapy burnout, emphasizing the utilization of digital resources and the implementation of supportive measures within the clinic environment.

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Addressing burnout within a clinical setting is a complex and human-centered effort. Both clinic owners and physical therapists face unique challenges in tackling burnout, which can impact various aspects of the clinic. From patient care to staff morale and overall productivity, burnout's effects in clinic can be detrimental.

To navigate this challenge, we've curated six helpful strategies that aim to mitigate and manage practitioner burnout effectively.

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In a world where chronic pain is on the rise and pain medication addiction is a growing concern, Core Clapton Osteopathy provides a beacon of hope. Discover the role of digital health in Osteopathy on their mission to transform lives through non-surgical, drug-free approaches to pain management.

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Are you a health business owner or planning to start one? Do you want to achieve success while still living stress-free and maintaining boundaries between your business and personal life?

Learn the secrets of avoiding common mistakes with Paul Wright - don't miss out on this chance at improving both profits and well-being!

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What do digital health and change have in common? You've probably guessed it; both can be a challenge at first but rewarding in the end.

Supported by decades of research on how change can be managed, here are the stages you should consider when implementing digital health into your clinic. We will be looking at 5 different stages: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement (also known as the Prosci ADKAR® model). By following and understanding these concepts in this order, you can successfully implement digital health in your clinic.

Learn how to successfully implement digital health in your clinic with our free guide below.

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Exercise is key. More and more research shows that the more a patient does their exercises at home, the better their recovery gets. To improve outcomes, research shows that the best way to improve adherence to home exercise programs (or HEP) is by using digital applications.

But with so many options on the market, it can get confusing where to start, and ultimately you ask the question; what kind of software is a good one?

We have created this guide for you to find out what to consider when choosing a home exercise prescription tool.

Download the free guide below.

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