Anna Rantala

Marketing Specialist
With a background in professional sports and marketing, Anna drives the marketing team with her positivity and creativity!
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Anna Rantala has been a Marketing Specialist for over three years, and has extensive experience in writing. She is particularly interested in health, wellness, the human body, and sports. Anna enjoys interviewing different people and learning new things; she believes that there is always something to be learned from others, no matter who they are or what they do.

"I am a creator and a storyteller. I love the opportunity to write about so many interesting topics and hopefully help people to learn something new. It is an honour to be part of Physitrack and elevate the world's wellbeing daily."

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They say time flies when you're having fun. What can be packed into the last 12 years, from the early days of founding Physitrack to today's team of over 80 members, helping millions of people?

We asked Henrik 12 questions and learned how this humble leader reflects on the 12 lessons from the past 12 years.

Get ready to delve deeper into the story of Physitrack, learn more about Henrik Molin, and discover what innovations are on the way in the exciting landscape of digital health.

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Sometimes you just need to assign a program as quickly as possible. Introducing Physitrack’s EasyAssign: assign programs directly from the basket, with no exercise parameters, just one brief instruction, you can customize to the patient's individual needs. But how does it work? Let’s find out.

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In the dynamic world of physiotherapy, technological advancements continue to shape the landscape of patient care. While there is a healthy resistance towards AI and its implications, AI has a lot to offer, which we might not fully grasp yet.

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In the world of physical rehabilitation, the focus often remains on tangible healing aspects like exercises and treatments. However, recovery isn't just about repairing the body; it's about supporting the mind as well.

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Burnout among physiotherapists is a prevalent issue in clinics, influencing both the well-being of therapists and the quality of patient care.

This blog post explores effective approaches to address and alleviate physiotherapy burnout, emphasizing the utilization of digital resources and the implementation of supportive measures within the clinic environment.

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Addressing burnout within a clinical setting is a complex and human-centered effort. Both clinic owners and physiotherapists face unique challenges in tackling burnout, which can impact various aspects of the clinic. From patient care to staff morale and overall productivity, burnout's effects in clinic can be detrimental.

To navigate this challenge, we've curated six helpful strategies that aim to mitigate and manage practitioner burnout effectively.

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