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At Physitrack, we are proud of our innovative approach to solving industry challenges and changing the lives of our users. We are well positioned to be leaders in our space, and we continuously break new ground with our amazing technology.

Transforming customer experiences through groundbreaking solutions.

Driving sustainable growth for our customers and stakeholders.

Delivering exceptional outcomes with close customer relationships & strategic partnerships.

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Investing in Physitrack offers you the opportunity to capture value by accessing dynamic market trends in the digital health space. Thanks to our proven track record of sustainable growth and expert team, we represent an interesting, value-adding investment proposition.

Unlocking Growth Potential Through Innovation and Success

Profitable growth is in the DNA of Physitrack. We believe a company needs to be run with longevity in mind -  in terms of our product range, our sources of growth and innovation as well as our financial planning. Our dedication to excellence in these areas set us aside from the competition, as well as many other investments in the digital health space.


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How to invest in Physitrack

Physitrack shares can be bought through most banks, brokers and online share trading platforms.

Step 1

Contact your bank or broker, or use an online share platform

Step 2

Let your provider know you want to buy shares in Physitrack Plc on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm

Step 3

Provide the ticker PTRK and the ISIN GB00BK80TJ35

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