Dr. Milica McDowell

Vice President of Product and Sales at Physitrack, e-learning division
Since joining the organization she has been responsible for launching Physitrack's professional e-learning division, Physicourses, which provides on-demand education and training to medical and wellness practitioners worldwide. She leads with innovation, trust and creativity.
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She leads a global team of educators, authors, therapists and operations professionals who curate education from world class authors while partnering with industry leading organizations such as the Gray Institute, Evidence in Motion and the Hospital for Special Surgery. Prior to joining Physitrack, Milica was the Senior Director of Medical at an international consumer product goods company where she oversaw live and e-learning education and product development for medical and fitness professionals. Milica served as an adjunct faculty at her alma mater, Montana State University for nine years, where she taught undergraduate courses in Human Performance and mentored pre-medical students. Milica's professional background includes several successful brick and mortar startups including an orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinic, Clearwater Therapeutics, a durable medical equipment company, Bluebird Medical Supply, a full service fitness center, Epic Fitness, a CrossFit gym, CrossFit Send It, and a predictive analytics company in the biomechanics and motion capture space, 4CSports Injury Analytics. In addition to her role at Physitrack, Milica currently serves as the Head of Professional Education at Fringe, a US-based continuing education and product company. Additionally, she is a scientific consultant for several medical and fitness product companies who engage her expertise in research, literature review and scientific product claims development as part of growth or go to market activities. She is the author of a series of evidence-based professional education programs, is a textbook chapter author and has been invited to lecture at numerous national and international conferences. Milica earned her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Idaho State University where she studied predictive factors of non-contact knee injuries in skeletally immature female athletes. She is a member of the APTA, ACSM and NATA and has completed 13 Ironman triathlons.

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