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Physitrack within Schulthess Klinik: Convenient, simple, innovative

As a forward-thinking clinic, the Schulthess Klinik has the ambition to provide both patients and employees with up-to-date tools and solutions and therefore approaches the topic of digitalisation consciously and proactively.

How Zenitas Healthcare thrived during Covid-19

Despite being at the height of Covid-19, when Zenits launched in May of 2020 the roll out only took one week and meant Zenitas was able to continue to offer clients reliable services either in-clinic or remotely via Physitrack Telehealth.

Continuous education made easy with Physitrack

Peter Malliaras is a Melbourne-based physiotherapist, researcher and Associate Professor at Monash University.Read how Peter is using Physitrack to share his own exercise protocols and education with practitioners who attended his online tendinopathy courses.

APA article: Doing men’s health through telehealth

University buddies Travis Monk and Eric Lecke have developed a video-based physiotherapy service specifically for men with prostate cancer-related issues.

Circle MSK: managing patients more effectively and improving outcomes

Circle were looking to upgrade their exercise prescription platform to something with more functionality, a broader spectrum of exercises, and the ability to track compliance and pain. They also wanted to find a system that could improve the self management of patients.

Benedetto Sports & Orthopaedics: Makes patients more empowered in their own care.

“Physitrack acts like a real Silicon Valley tech company in the sense that the product seems to be always evolving. A lot of other exercise prescription products don’t seem to have that same sense of trying to refine the product based on user feedback.”


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