Physitrack AI

Self-service appointment booking and Telehealth with Physitrack AI (Auto Intake™).

Digital patient on-boarding

Allow new patients start their journey with you digitally.

Use our patient on-boarding technology to gather the information you need ahead of a first appointment.

Dynamically link the app to your scheduling system.

Seamlessly continue the journey inside the same app once the patient is in your care.

Set your own patient onboarding workflow

Using our easy-to-use intake flow builder, you can:

  • Tailor your digital patient journey with your unique clinical IP
  • Closely define your patient onboarding flow
  • Seamlessly transition your patient from digital intake to appointment booking and remote consultations
  • Automatically export onboarding information to your EMR / EHR

Future-proof your business with Telehealth

Introduce new ways for your clients to receive your care.

Combine our client on-boarding technology with our HIPAA compliant, UK government grant-winning Telehealth technology and add a whole new remote treatment offering to your business.

Live-stream content during your video call, engage with single and multiple participants on the same call (coming soon).

All seamlessly weaved into your own app.


Attractively priced Telehealth and messaging.
  • Secure video consultations
  • Call recording with a single click
  • Live exercise demonstrations
  • Best-in-class security
  • Secure real-time messaging